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Berlin is a beautiful freezer in wintertime.

I discovered this first hand when I almost slipped on the ice-covered cobbled street, as I was getting a closer look at the collosal Branderburger Tor in the German capital’s iconic Parisier Platz.

Everywhere you look, the city is just brrreathtaking. Emphasis needs to be made to the’ brr’ because when we toured this German city it was -8 degrees.

A first time traveler outside the (dis)comforts of tropical  Manila, would easily get turned off by the bitter German winter. But not me. I embraced the cold weather like a lost brother — the bastard son of my womanizing father.

I had my smile frozen. Literally.

I arrived in Berlin on Sunday midnight and immediately, I was greeted by an unfamiliar smile that I thought eluded this part of Europe. I was warned: “Berliners are not the friendliest of people. They are often gloomy and quite irritable.”

But that’s not what welcomed me in the airport. Our tour assistant, Tania Masi, a tall Italian-German woman greeted us with the warmest hello that is comparable with that from Filipinos.

“Did you have a good flight? I hope you forgive our winter,” Tania said, her smile beaming through.

“I’m freezing but I’m enjoying every minute of it,” I told her back.


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