Brrrlin Shmerrlin

It’s been almost two weeks since I arrived in Berlin and I haven’t wriiten a blog that’s worth posting. I blame it on the cold weather. Everyone else does.

For the past few days I’ve been awestruck by the discipline Germans put on time. I wish I could bottle up their discipline and give a spoonful to one friend in particular who always puts Filipino patience to the test with his time management skills.

I have to give myself a pat on the back however, because since the course began, I have never been late. In fact, I am one of the earliest in class.

Right now, I’m only one of five people who managed to get to the InWent classroom in Stresemastasse. Danke!

Lately I’ve been bored. It must have been because of the routine. Every day I wake up at 6 a.m. (on the average), cook my breakfast (average-eggs), take a hot shower (average-temperature), dress up (average-looking) and thenwalk to the train station and take two rides to class.

I’m not enjoying Berlin like this. I have to break the routine. But how? I’m constantly sleepy and tired. The snow is making the street so slippery and not conducive to walking.

It’s also very cold here. I already have an ear infection. And I’m constipated!


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