The Berlin winter might have caught up with me. The Filipino sunshine that I’ve bottled up from home and has kept me bubbly for the past week is now dim.

I’m depressed. I don’t know why exactly or if it even merits attention.

Perhaps, it’s because Peter scolded me for being 8 minutes late to class after I booked for a cheap bus ride to Paris with Joanna, another Filipino participant. Yeah, it could have started there. But I decided to bounce back. Quickly. We’re going to France! That’s important, right?

But then we had an exercise in class where we had to think of what to put on our project website. I thought our group did quite well: We had the most topics, we had the most ideas…but it wasn’t enough apparently. So, I felt that I failed. Pffft.

Or probably because the day of hearts is fast approaching and I still have no one to share it with. Being in a foreign land at this tiome could prove to be depressing. Haysh.


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