GLEE ‘The Power of Madonna’ review: Is this the best episode yet?

After a rather ho-hum season 2 premier last week, GLEE delivered the goods today with their homage to the ‘Hall Of Fame MILF’…you know her.

So did the highly-anticipated Madonna episode live up to the hype? Yes!  But is it the best episode of GLEE to date? Erm…

I’ll go with the ‘Erm’ first. While the episode was a million miles better than the season premier, it often crossed the line between a simple homage to full-blown Madonna video-music porno. With Madonna dancers on stilts and a pimped up version of “Express Yourself,” the gayest man on earth would simply call this episode, ( a bit) ‘over-the-top.’

So it started with Sue Sylvester writing on her journal about finding inspiration for herself and her Cheerios through Madonna. After blackmailing Principal Figgins, Sue succeeded in having Madonna music blasted to the four corners of McKinley High, except for the office of guidance counselor/Cabbage Patch girl Emma, who the acerbic coach thought has the sexual energy of  “a panda in the zoo who refused to mate.”

William Schuster drew inspiration from Sue’s actions and challenged the kids (and I use this term loosely) to channel Madonna’s message of gender equality through song.

The GLEE studs were adamant at first but in the end, they gave a chillaxing rendition of “What it Feels Like (For a Girl)” that teleported me back to the time when boy groups were still in.

In Rachel Berry news, Vocal Adrenaline hearthrob Jesse St. James is making his advances in the bed department. Meanwhile, Finn has hooked up with Santana to forget about Rachel and hopefully up his popularity once more. I will end here for now because the scenes here are quite titillating and the sexiest yet after the infamous season 1  Salt N’ Pepa’s “Push It” episode.

BUT the stomach-aching humor from Sue and my current favorite Brittany, as well as two spotlight moments for Kurt were more than enough to overshadow the Ermness of it all. We all know Sue and Kurt are good in season 1, but Brittany is giving the most retarded lines this season! And I say retarded as a compliment. By the way, I’ve seen Sue’s “Vogue” video, at least 8 times before watching this episode, but it still gave me the chills. AND watch out! This is the episode where Sue is showing her soft side again.

Overall, I would have to say, GLEE’s “The Power of Madonna” episode is the best one I’ve seen to date. It definitely trumped out episode 9 ‘Wheels’ on my list (and I’ve seen that episode 12 times!!!)

How about you? What do you think?

Here’s the line-up of songs sung by the cast (might not be in order):

“Express Yourself” [Go Quinn! She finally had some vocal adrenaline pumped in the set]

” (Mash Up) Borderline – Open Your Heart To Me”  [Rachel and Finn’s highly flirtatious number that seems like a duplicate of season 1’s ‘Smile’]

“Like A Virgin” [Could this have been an alternative video to Madonna’s song? Maybe]

“Vogue”               [As good as it gets]

“Four Minutes”     [Kurt and Mercedes for the win!]

“What It Feels Like”  [Chillaxing]

“Like A Prayer”    [simply awe-inspiring]

Quotable quotes:

Kurt: “I’m gay, Mercedes is black. We make culture.”

Sue: “Why do you two not have a show on Bravo?’ (Cut from the episode)

Brittany (on a guy she’s dating, emulating madonna’s cougar-ness) :  “He’s super cute. He’s playing soccer with my sister. He’s seven.” (care of Ren)

Brittany (on what a misogynist is): “When I pulled my hamstring, I went to a misogynist”

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