Is Jude Law in the Philippines?

Apparently, he WAS here.

The Sherlock Homes star was said to have arrived in the oven-hot Philippines last April 10 and has stayed at one of our expensive private islands.

According to blogger, Blackcat060:

“Yes people he’s in the Philippines! Yay! Isn’t this exiting? Anyways according to my donkey he arrived yesterday at around 5:30 pm from Kuwait where according to my source he stayed in a private island. Now Jude Law is off to Amanpulo Island (private island) discreetly with a non showbiz woman.”

I am not confirming this. I’m just spreading chismis.

Is the Philippines becoming a hot spot for Hollywood A-listers? Not yet, Virginia.

Why am I posting this? Boredom, Virginia, Boredom.


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