FBernation: Surviving a week without Facebook

It’s official and it’s final: I shall be hibernating from my Facebook account for seven straight days.

What Virginia? Is that a gasp I hear?

Here’s the thing Virginia: I arrived at this decision the other day after I broke my previous record on my Facebook time. On Monday, I logged on to my Facebook account for 12 straight hours. I’m not kidding. Being online for half a day for Facebook is destructive.

Because let’s be honest, what else can you do on Facebook after checking up on other people’s status messages, updating your own status, and stalking a crush of two years? That, by the way, took me just 1.5 hours. So, for the remaining 10 hours or so, I’ve been doing nothing but browse through all my photo albums, re-read all comments, relieve all my wallposts since January, befriend strangers to see the rest of their “private” photos, and then un-friend the basterds. Oh yeah, I did that thrice for 10 hours.

It’s sick, I know, but that’s what we define now as a healthy social life. Yes, Virginia, a healthy social life. Gone are the days when friends make phone calls to check up on each other or meet spontaneously at a nearby mall for some chat. Well, yeah, people still do that. But now, even while facing each other, they are thumping through their iPhones or smartphones updating their  status messages on Facebook.

It’s also unusual now for anyone to live and breathe on earth without a Facebook account. Even anti-socials have their own Facebook fanpage!

Is this social networking stuff the new socialization? Is it bridging our cultural gaps, bursting our personal bubbles and keeping us closer than ever? Is Facebook the virtual bonfire where we gather around, telling our scary stories before erupting to a hearty “Kumbaya” song?

Has Facebook turned into our social oxygen?

Is this the real life? (cartoon from Kartoen.be)

I’ve experienced the destructive nature of  Facebook with my two kidneys.

At a recent gathering in The Podium (yeah, people we’re no longer just hanging out in dingy Trinoma), Me, Meru and Ponce, decided to bond  oby changing our status messages. I pulled out my HP mini laptop, and for two hours (my netbook’s battery life), we each had turns logging on to our Facebook accounts. Then we called it a day.

How many of you have seen friends facing each other in Starbucks, CBTL or some other expensive coffee shop with their laptops on and barely talking to each other? And how do you feel about that annoying person who keeps using Facebook to shove it up your face that she’s having the greatest adventure of her life one status message after the other? Facebragging? Now that’s another blog entry.

Hemingway, to cut the long sausage short, I’m outta Facebook for a week. That’s it, then let’s see.

Don’t get me wrong. I still like my Facebook and I don’t hate it. I just want to figure out if I can survive without it for a while.

Check out:

Day 1


My FB friend, the nerdlord of the web universe, Jan Persiel is trying to commit virtual suicide on Facebook.

Just this afternoon, he had deleted all his videos and photos from Facebook, which is like a terminally ill man pulling out the plug of his life support system. He said he’s still going to be online, just not on Facebook.

I wished him good luck and told him: “In any case, hope you like it on the other side. And by the other side, I mean the real world. It’s so scary.”

P.S to the P.S.

BTW, Facebook is now under hot water for several privacy issues. Better think about that. For now, I’m logging out!



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6 responses to “FBernation: Surviving a week without Facebook

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  3. Minerva

    Facebook does have several privacy issues that it needs to resolve. I hope you’ll succeed boycotting Facebook for good.

  4. Juan Dei

    Nice writing. I hope you can resist the temptation of Facebook. Tell me once you’ve succeeded

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