FBernation Day 1: A lot of shaking and wasabi popcorn

Day 1 of my stupid ‘anti-social’ experiment begins.

I woke up with one thing in mind: Check my Facebook account. But since I’m on a self-imposed FBernation, I decided to continue my sleep.

For breakfast, I munched on my sister’s pasalubong: Wasabi popcorn. I don’t usually have breakfast but today, I was very jittery. I was eating that popcorn like crazy. Oh, wait, there were two bags of wasabi popcorn that I just finished. I’m just waiting for today’s crazy bowel movement.

Hemingway, I found a loophole to my experiment: WordPress thru Facebook’s intrusiveness, has created its Publicize function thru the social networking site.

After clicking a few links, I can now update my FB accounts with my WordPress entries. In return, WordPress can now sift through my account, looking at my pictures, wall posts, and you, my dear friends. THAT truly is an agreement of EQUALS. RIGHT, VIRGINIA?

Will update later.

4:40 p.m.

I just received a very depressing news and I immediately wanted to post my rant on my Facebook status message. But obviously, I didn’t.

It’s hard. Usually, I would just write on my status message and find people responding back. Now that I’m reduced to my little-known blog, I have no chance to receive feedback.

There’s no: “Kaya mo yan :)” from Angeli, one of my FB friends. Or “Wassup? what happened?” From Rapi Castillo, another FB pal.

No “Ano na nangyari sayo?” from David Sta Maria or “Hang in there” from Mimi Fabe.

I tried texting my kidneys about the bad news. But apparently I do not have enough load.

I will be calling Ponce today to catch up on her. Never mind Meru, he doesn’t have a phone.

I’m really sad. I feel like I’m on a deserted island…with Internet. Blah.

Here’s part two of my life in the gutter:

The Justin Bieber Nightmare



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