FBernation Day 2: Just Keep Swimming

Day 2 of my self-imposed Facebook Hibernation or FBernation and I’m still fighting the urge to visit my page.

I called this entry “Just Keep Swimming” not only to reflect my struggle to maintain my promise by keeping busy, but because the Internet cafe I’m in will soon be flooded. That’s right PAGASA, thank you for the rain forecast. It’s raining so hard,  mini-Ondoy is about to start inside this crappy Internet shop.

For my second day without Facebook, I found myself spending more cash on Internet than the usual. Here’s the thing: Without FB occupying my surf hours I found a void in my life that needs to be filled. And that, my friends is expensive.

Without FB, I’m constantly surfing online for things to keep me busy. For now, I’m watching “My Life on the D-List” on YouTube, while doing a writing job. Yes, I can’t write without hearing my favorite foul-mouthed comedienne, Kathy Griffin. Facebook fills the void and makes life for those who keep gushing over their online crushes, a bitter place.

Geez, I imagine how the Facebook wall must be flooded now with status messages about the rains. It’s raining hard in Fairview, by the way…in case anyone’s listening. Anybody?

Will update later.

4:25 p.m.

Without Facebook, I am now forced to write lengthy blogs, which is never easy. And since I don’t see feedback I feel more isolated than ever.

Why am I doing this again? Oh yeah, to figure out how far Facebook has gone to affect our real socialization. But now FB has dominated all means of connecting with people. Cut your FB ties and you’re on your own island. THUS, this blog.

Still fighting the urge.

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