Who will Charice be on GLEE?

Now that Charice already confirmed (gays pronounce it as: /kohn-firmed/with gusto) her appearance on Glee, the next question is: What is the petite singer bringing into the hit show?

Apart from Charice, other Glee guest stars include the great Susan Boyle and the soon-to-be singing dentist John Stamos (do I hear a rawr?).

Rumors have it that Charice will play an exchange student, but from what country? Will it be the often left out Philippines?

What songs will she sing? Celine? Whitney?

While we’re all itching for answers, here’s my prediction:

Charice will play an irritating, overachiever exchange student from the chaotic…Thailand. I haven’t thought about it yet, but I’m sure her name will have a “Tut” or a “Pak” in it. (Pak! Pak! Pak!)

She is the Asian version of Rachel Berry, only better. At first the rest of the Glee club members would treat ‘Tut Pak’ as a wallflower. But their opinions change after Tut Pak belts out a master mash up of Chaka Khan, Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey. The song will be called: “Through the I Will Always Without You.” Her performance will be built on a solid ground… like the pyramid.

Rachel will contemplate suicide because of the force Charice, este, Tut Pak brings to New Directions.  But little do they know, Tut Pak is actually a drone of Sue Sylvester, who is out to get Glee for the nth time.

Sue is employing Tut Pak to shatter Rachel’s ego and make her second guess herself.  By the way, the episode will be entitled, “Un-Berrybable.” Need I explain further?

But since this is Glee, everything will be okay. Mr. Schuester would arrange and choreograph a finale number where everyone hugs and cries.

That’s my fearless forecast.


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  1. I will update my prediction in the future…

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